edelkrone Vertical Module

edelkrone has announced its new Vertical Module which has been designed for use with its SliderPLUS PRO. The Vertical Module was designed so that you can create vertical and angled camera moves.

Please bear in mind that you need to use the Vertical module with the SliderPLUS PRO (the long version is $699 USD), and if you want automated sliding you will also need to purchase the Motor Module for the SliderPlus which is $549 USD.

How does it work?

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The Vertical Module doesn’t utilize any electronics and it features a purely mechanical design. How it works is that it compensates for gravity by keeping the system weightless at any angle with the help of constant force springs. Essentially it sort of works like a counterbalance system.

Payload Capacity

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The Vertical module weighs less than 1.35kg and it can handle camera payloads of up to 5kg / 11.02 lb. This allows it to take anything from a mirrorless hybrid, up to a small-sized digital cinema camera. Of course, if you are utilizing the Vertical Module with one of edelkrone’s other modules, the weight capacity of your camera package will be minimized.

How does it attach?

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The Vertical Module mounts underneath the SliderPLUS PRO and it comes with an L Bracket to level your camera or head.

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The module offers 5 levels of spring tension to accommodate different payload capacities. You adjust the tension by attaching or removing a series of cables that have rings on the end of them. Each cable spring has a strength of 2.4-3kg.

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The Vertical Module features an axis knob that allows you to change the angel of adjustment. The incline can be adjusted in 10-degree increments.


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Price & Availability

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The edelkrone Vertical Module is now available to order for $399 USD and it is expected to start shipping in the next two weeks.

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