Sony FX3 used for upcoming short film series

For an upcoming short film series, John Radel ACS and his team used a Sony FX3 to help achieve their vision. They wanted to use a small, lightweight camera to help them move around quickly, but they also needed something that was able to capture image quality that was up there with more expensive digital cinema cameras.

The combination of the FX3’s full-frame image sensor and the ability to shoot in low-light environments made it a good choice for this type of product.

Yes, a lot of it has to do with the skill of the DP, the lighting, the environment you are shooting in, the direction and set design, and ultimately a great colorist, but it does show you what is possible with the FX3.

Sure this is a bit of an advertisement for Sony, and that’s pretty clear from the video, but it is one of the better examples I have seen from the FX3 so I thought it was worth sharing with our readers.

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