ZHIYUN MOLUS G60 & MOLUS X100 LED Lights Officially Announced

ZHIYUN has officially announced its new MOLUS G60 and MOLUS X100 LED lights that we first saw at CP+ 2023 in Japan last month.

According to ZHIYUN, both lights use the DynaVort Cooling System which deploys gyroscope modeling heat sinks and field-oriented control (FOC) fans. The technology is based on fluid dynamics and an attitude control algorithm, and it is claimed to significantly raise the cooling efficiency ability through intelligent control over airflow emissions, thus preventing overheating.


The MOLUS G60 is a 60W, 2700-6500K LED MOLUS G60 that weighs 300g, and draws 60W.

It can be powered via mains or through a USB-C input.

Screenshot 2023 03 20 at 11 19 41 PM

ZHIYUN claims that the light has an output of 11,194 lx when used with its reflector at a distance of 1m /3.3′ when set at 6500K. However, I haven’t independently tested it to verify those claims. The figure seems a little high and the light didn’t seem to be that bright when I looked at it at CP+ 2023.

Screenshot 2023 02 23 at 7 32 55 PM

The MOLUS G60 will come with a mini reflector, DC power adapter, and dome diffusion. There will also be a pack that includes all those items, plus a tripod, Bowens mount adapter, mini softbox, and a grid.

Screenshot 2023 02 23 at 7 35 32 PM


The MOLUS X100 is a compact, 100W, 2700-6500K LED fixture. It features a rather unique design because it looks like a small-sized on-camera fixture, but it is utilizing a COB and you can attach various lighting modifiers to it.

Screenshot 2023 03 20 at 11 19 24 PM

Whether there is any real benefit to having a COB with attachments on a light this size is up for debate.

ZHIYUN claims that the fixture has an output of 17,317 lx at a distance of 1m / 3.3′ when set at 4300K.


You can power the light via mains or from the optional X100 Grip Battery that attaches directly to the fixture.

Above you can see what comes with the X100. Any items with an asterisk come in a kit that will also be available.

Screenshot 2023 02 23 at 8 55 04 PM

Both products come with a storage bag, and they feature a live mode to enable the turning on of lights by group once connected to the power supply. There is also Bluetooth mesh remote control.

ZHIYUN’s X100 also features music mode; a recording function that enables automatic lighting control along with a musical accompaniment.

Price & Availability

The ZHIYUN MOLUS X100 is available for $269 USD. The combo package is $389 USD, and the pro package is available for $439 USD.

The ZHIYUN MOLUS G60 is available for $199 USD, and the combo package is $249 USD.

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