Rotolight NEO 3 & AEOS 2 Firmware, App, & Feature Update

Rotolight AEOS 2 PRO 01

Rotolight has released firmware update 3.0 V.1 and a native mobile application update for the AEOS 2 and NEO 3 regular and PRO Edition LED lights.

What is new in Firmware Update 3.0 V.1?

Firmware Update 3.0 V.1 adds a new feature called Magic Eye that allows users to take an image from within the app, for example, a backdrop or brand color, and then the light can replicate that color. This type of feature is nothing new and it is something that we have seen many other lighting manufacturers do such as Luxli, Aputure, and Prolycht.

The new firmware allows pre-defined Rotolight presets to appear on both CCT and HSI screens. Detailed color and preset information is now displayed in both user and pre-defined preset buttons.

On PRO edition versions you can now use the Flash slave facility to transmit Elinchrom Skyport flash in ‘Speed’ mode from a wired trigger or any additional trigger type.

There is also s new GUI upgrade that includes drop-down menus allowing simple access to presets and SFX custom/default settings

The WiFi App now gives you control of system parameters and the ability to access and utilize new features.

Note: All MOL presets may be purchased as a ‘MOL pack’ upgrade to the STANDARD model and licensed via the native Rotolight App.

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