OSEE Releases Calibration Software for Megamon 15 Production Monitor

OSEE Megamon 15 case shade on stand adapter

Today OSEE has released the software and a required USB cable to use with an Xrite i1 Color Checker Display or Display Plus probe to calibrate the Megamon 15 monitor. I reviewed the Megamon 15 and found it to be a very good monitor at a good value. The monitor retails for $899 and includes a case that converts into a sun shade. Now the ability to calibrate makes the Megamon 15 even better.

A PC with Windows 7 or above is required to calibrate the Megamon 15 monitor. The required cable retails for $69. That seems rather expensive. The cable is a USB with a 3.5mm connector on the other end that is plugged into the remote input on the back of the monitor. I’m assuming the calibration software that is installed on the PC communicates with the Megamon via the cable.

Screen Shot 2023 03 06 at 8 16 19 AM

Also required is new firmware to be installed. The new version: 0010.0005 (3 Mar 2023). OSEE doesn’t make it a direct download. You have to add the firmware to your cart and proceed with checkout. It is free. Once you complete checkout, you get the link to download, and an email is also sent with the link for the firmware.

I ordered the cable and will have a go at calibrating the Megamon 15 when it arrives. I also ordered the protective front panel. I feel it is a must if the monitor is going out in the field.

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