amaran S series 100, 200, and COB 60 get dual-blue LED chipset upgrades


The amaran 100, 200 series, and COB 60 models all got a nice COB upgrade. They now feature an all-new dual-blue LED chipset design that amaran states give the fixtures enhanced color quality and spectral reproduction.

The new models have the same build and features as their former models but will have better color accuracy. Check out my review of the amaran COB 60x & 60d Lights and the 200d & 100d fixtures for all the features.

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New Models

  • amaran 100d S
  • amaran 100x S 
  • amaran 200d S
  • amaran 200x S
  • amaran COB 60d S
  • amaran COB 60x S

Upgraded LED Chipset Design

AmaranSelects PT 2023 145

While the fixtures look pretty much identical, they feature a completely reengineered dual-blue LED chipset. amaran states the COB S Series utilizes the latest LED technology to output color-accurate light reliably. Daylight-balanced S Series fixtures have a (D56) SSI rating of 86, which is a 19% increase in SSI from the original daylight-balanced COB Series fixtures.


The bicolor S Series fixtures reached even higher, producing an SSI (D56) of 87, a 17.5% increase over the SSI (D56) score of the original COB series bicolor lights. In addition, amaran states the new COB S series bi-color lights can achieve an SSI (Tungsten) of 90, making them nearly spectrally indistinguishable from actual tungsten sources. When lighting human subjects, the new chipset makes the amaran COB S Series capable of reproducing more pleasing skin tones.

Pricing and Availability

The updated dual-blue LED chipset comes at the cost of $20 USD more than the former version.

The amaran COB 60d S ($169 USD), COB 60x S ($199 USD), 100d S ($199 USD), 100x S ($249 USD), 200d S ($299 USD), 200x S ($349 USD) will be available for purchase worldwide beginning February 28th, 2023.

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