Sony FX6 Industry Workshop

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Peter Vidulich (AKA Vid) is a Sydney-based DP. He has been in the industry for over 25 years and has worked on a myriad of television reality shows such as The Mole on Netflix, Lego Masters, and Farmer Wants a Wife to name a few. I have known Peter for a very long time and we used to work at the same network, so I can vouch for his skills and expertise.

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Peter was the first DP to use the FX6 in a Netflix series using 14 cameras in 4K. Peter wants to share his tips, tricks, and troubleshooting methods with a group of like-minded cinematographers during his small window of opportunity between projects.

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This workshop will cover everything from using the FX6, working within a team, shooting techniques, and the opportunity to meet a panel of industry insiders. Peter and the panel will be sharing powerful guidance to help get the best out of the FX6.

The program has been designed for people that have questions about the FX6 and who want to improve their skills. The content will suit anyone who either has the Sony FX6 or has experience with the camera. The workshop will cover everything that you want to learn about the camera and workflow. This course is the first of its kind offered in Australia with limited spaces available.

Workshop Overview

The workshop will take place in person at Laguna Lighting Botany, Sydney. Peter will take you through an overview of the FX-6 alongside Gabe Devereux who is also known as ‘The Genius’ for his incredibly in depth knowledge of the camera. We will then break into smaller groups to get hands on with the camera while Peter and his team will be providing guidance and knowledge. We will have access to a variety of Sony lenses, a great opportunity to see with your own eyes what the full frame lenses can do. We will also be looking at third party accessories such as viewfinders, shoulder mounts, easyrigs and wireless links.

The group will then move to a local location to shoot exterior shots. We will cover how to shoot sequences, high speed shots and auto focus testing. Vision will then be graded in front of the group to show exactly how you can achieve great results. We will then have an opportunity for a Q&A session where we can discuss and answer questions within the group.

The day will be fully catered.

Where and when?

The course will take place in Sydney, Australia on Saturday 25th March 9.30am – 5pm. The cost is $600 AU per person.

To secure a place you can email [email protected].

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