DZOFilm 12-25mm T2.8 Pictor Zoom

DZOFilm has unveiled it’s new 12-25mm T2.8 Pictor Zoom Lens. The 12-25mm now joins the 14-30mm T2.8, 20-55mm T2.8, and 50-125mm T2.8 to form a four-lens set.

TS CTV 2638 DZOFilm Pictor T2 8 Super35 Parfocal Zoom Lens 1

DZOFilm announced the Pictor S35 20-55mm T2.8 and 50-125mm T2.8 zooms back in July 2020 and the 14-30mm T2.8 in April last year. This addition is a bit of a head-scratcher considering the focal range is very close to that of the 14-30mm.

Screenshot 2023 02 16 at 10 15 49 PM

Key features

  • Maintains Focus Throughout Zoom Range
  • T2.8 to T22 Aperture Range
  • Swappable PL Mount; Canon EF Included
  • 95mm Front Diameter
  • 16-Blade Iris
  • Near-Zero Breathing
  • 0.8 MOD Cine-Style F/I/Z Gears
Screenshot 2023 02 16 at 10 15 56 PM

The 12-25mm T2.8 is a parfocal cine zoom lens that covers Super 35 sensors. for Super 35 cameras, and like the other two zooms in the series, it is available in black or white. The lens comes natively with a PL mount, however, DZOFilm does include an EF-mount.

Screenshot 2023 02 16 at 10 16 02 PM

The lens weighs 1.6kg / 3.5 lbs, and like all of the Pictor zooms, it has a 270° focus rotation angle and standard M0.8 pitch gears.

I still strongly believe that there is a need for longer focal lengths, especially when it comes to zooms that cover Super 35 sensors. 125mm, even on a Super 35 sensor, is not a long focal length. Why DZOFilm hasn’t made something in the range of say 70-200mm remains a mystery. It is strange, to say the least, that they chose to release a 12-25mm when they already have a 14-30mm.

R5B 20230204 151555

The only budget-conscious cine zoom manufacturer to make anything with a decent long-end focal range is Chiopt. Their 75-250mm T3.2 Compact Zoom that I previously reviewed on the site offers a great focal range and good optical performance.

Price & Availability

The DZOFilm 12-25mm T2.8 Pictor Zoom is now available to pre-order for $2,889.00.

Screenshot 2023 02 16 at 10 15 19 PM

You can also buy it in a three-lens kit along with the 20-55mm T2.8 and 50-125mm T2.8 for $7,999 USD.

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