Chimera Lighting announces new 2′ and 6′ Octas Lightbanks


Chimera Lighting announces two new Octa lightbanks to the family with the additions of the 2′ and 6′ Octas, Chimera now offers a large range of octagonal Lightbanks. The two new lightbanks come in low and high-heat models for strobes or hot lights. Chimera’s patented OctaPlus Lightbank creates soft broad light while providing versatility with an expansion kit that makes the original size bigger. For example, the OctaPlus Lightbank converts from a 5′ to a 7′ Lightbank using the expansion kit. You get two Lightbanks in one.

Key features

  • Wide variety of sizes for beautiful, wrapping light
  • Fabric Grids are available for all models
  • Soft silver or white interior for efficient light output and diffusion
  • Inner baffles for OctaPlus evenly disperse light output
  • Chimera’s proprietary textile provides superior longevity
  • Designed and handcrafted in Colorado, USA
Octa family image

Chimera offers the largest range of Octa Lightbanks in the industry, with sizes ranging from 24” (61 cm) to 7’ (2.1m).

There is a version of each size in Chimera OctaPlus family compatible with strobes or continuous light fixtures and requires a speed ring to adapt it to your particular strobe or hot light.

Pricing has not been announced. Check Chimera.com for updates on availability and pricing.

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