DJI Mic Compact Digital Wireless Microphone System/Recorder Single Transmitter Version Announced

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DJI has quietly released the new Mic Compact Digital Wireless Microphone System/Recorder for Camera & Smartphone (2.4 GHz). You might be thinking, hold on, didn’t DJI already have a wireless mic system? Yes, they did. This version is simply just a more basic option that comes with a single transmitter.

Key features

  • Perfect for One Person Interviews, Videos, Streaming
  • Connects to Cameras, iOS/Android Devices
  • 1x Clip-On Transmitter/Recorder Mic
  • Compact 2-Channel Receiver
  • Records 14 Hours of Audio
  • Bright OLED Display, Headphone Out
  • USB Audio Interface Functionality
  • Internal 5-Hour Batteries
  • Up to 820′ Wireless Range

The DJI Mic is being touted as an easy-to-use, wireless digital microphone/recorder system that works well with mirrorless hybrid cameras/ digital cinema cameras or iOS/Android smartphones. The system is claimed to be able to record clear audio at up to 820′ / 250m via a miniature clip-on omnidirectional mic/transmitter, which doubles as backup recorder. The receiver can either be mounted on a camera or DJI Action 2 camera or plugged directly into the Lightning/USB port of a smartphone or laptop.

Built-In Recorder & Safety Track

The transmitter features 8GB of onboard storage for recordings, which allows you to store up to 14 hours of backup recording. This allows you to record audio directly to the transmitter as a backup in case of wireless interference and dropouts. You can also use the transmitter as a standalone recorder. Files are recorded in 48 kHz/24-bit mono WAV format and can be transferred to your computer via the USB Type-C cable. There is no 32-bit float option available.

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To ensure that you are capturing a clean signal, you can monitor your audio via the receiver’s 3.5mm headphone output while recording.

The Safety Track mode enables you to record a secondary audio track (in mono) as a backup with a lower volume of -6 dB (different from the main audio track), which is a nice additional feature, especially because 32-bit float isn’t available.

It is interesting to see so many devices come out that can now record and transmit. Zaxcom holds a patent in the US for simultaneously recording and transmitting audio and companies such as Deity have paid licensing fees to be able to do this with their BP-TRX. I would imagine DJI is probably doing a similar thing, but that is just speculation on my part.

In-built Mic or Optional Lavalier

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You can use the transmitter as a lavalier mic as it has a built-in mic with an Omni-directional pickup pattern, or you can operate it as a traditional bodypack transmitter by plugging an external lav mic (available separately). DJI also includes a furry windscreen in the kit to suppress wind noise while still recording clear sound.

Battery Life

DJI claims that the battery life is 5.5 hours for the transmitter and 5 hours for the receiver.

Operating Distance

As I mentioned earlier, the DJI Mic is capable of transmitting audio at distances of up to 820′ / 250m using DJI’s encryption technology. This is done
in the 2.4 GHz frequency band, which occupies frequencies beyond those of television, radio transmissions, and UHF wireless microphone systems. DJI claims that the optimized wireless transmission system ensures a stable and reliable stream of audio, even in busy areas, such as train stations, shopping malls, and offices.

Built-In Touchscreen

The receiver’s touchscreen interface allows you to make changes and view important parameters. You can view and adjust gain levels between -12 and +12 dB. Battery life, recording status, and wireless signal strength are also displayed. The touchscreen can also be used to remotely mute the transmitter’s microphone, start or stop recording, adjust the headphone volume, and switch between stereo, mono, or -6 dB safety track.

Price & Availability

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The DJI Mic Compact Digital Wireless Microphone System/Recorder for Camera & Smartphone (2.4 GHz) is now available to purchase for $219 USD The kit with two transmitters is $329 USD.

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