Chrosziel Meta Mount E-mount to PL mount & CDM-PREM-FIZ First Look

Chrosziel was showing its new Meta Mount and CDM-PREM-FIZ at Interbee 2022 in Japan. The Meta Mount is an E-mount camera to PL mount lens adapter with electronic contacts for metadata communication and lens control.

This is a really interesting lens adapter and it is the first time, at least to my knowledge, that anyone has released a smart PL mount that can be used on Sony E-mount cameras.


This is certainly not a cheap solution and it isn’t aimed at the casual user of a Sony a7S III or FX3. This is squarely aimed at users of the Fx9 who want to run PL mount servo zoom cine lenses or other expensive cine lenses with LDS or Cooke /i Data capabilities.

Key features

  • Sony E Mount Camera to PL mount Lens
  • Electronic contacts for metadata communication and lens control
  • Lens metadata displayed in camera and recorded to file
  • Shimmable E Mount
  • Full focus/Iris/Zoom control on servo motor ENG lenses

The Chrosziel Meta Mount is a Sony E camera to PL lens “hot mount” adapter with metadata communication. Each mount has the required pin contacts necessary to transmit lens metadata through to the camera and conversely the contacts provide lens control through a 12-pin Hirose out connection to an ENG lens.

When the Meta Mount is used with cine lenses with LDS or Cooke /i Data the metadata such as iris setting, focus distance and zoom focal length are transmitted through the adapter and appear in the viewfinder and monitor. This metadata is also recorded in the video file for use in post-processing.

Screenshot 2022 09 08 at 9 15 27 PM 1

When the Meta Mount is used with an ENG/EFP servo motor-controlled lens the Focus/Iris/Zoom can be controlled through the camera. It is also compatible with Sony FX9 / FX6 / FX3 hand grips, RCP, or the camera’s web GUI. This allows for easy and full control of an ENG broadcast lens through a Sony E mount camera.

The Meta Mount is shimmable with the included shim set for the E-mount.

Screenshot 2022 09 08 at 9 15 10 PM

The Chrosziel Meta Mount is available for pre-order and is expected to begin shipping in late September. The List Price is €3.850,00 Euros / $3,850.00 USD.

Chrosziel CDM-PREM-FIZ

Screen Shot 2022 11 17 at 17 42 59

The Chrosziel (CDM-PREM-FIZ) Full Servo Drive for Fujinon Premista Zoom Lenses Mount allows you to hand control your lens and gain ENG-like control over your zoom, with full servo control of the lens’ focus and iris as well. The servo drive unit incorporates three precise cine motors that engage the lens gears on either of the three Premista zoom lenses you mount it on. This avoids the need for support rods and individual motor brackets and adjustments.


A built-in zoom rocker gives you the ENG feel you are used to working with, while the servo unit also incorporates all the connections you need to use it with a broadcast-style digital focus, iris, and zoom demands, such as the Chrosziel Magnum wireless FIZ unit (not included). A 20-pin Hirose connector allows you to use this with remote heads or robotic camera applications. The unit also passes Cooke /i and Zeiss eXtended data, useful with VR and AR production.

  • Demand input focus (analog/digital 16-bit)
  • Demand input zoom (analog/digital 16-bit)
  • Standard Fujinon Digipower control protocols
  • External power recommended for maximum performance
  • /i and eXtended data pass-thru

The Chrosziel CDM-PREM-FIZ reatils for $9,605.00 USD.

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