Bright Tangerine Prodigy Rain Deflector

Bright Tangerine was showing the final shipping version of its Prodigy Rain Deflector at Interbee 2022 in Japan. We first saw a prototype of this product way back in June 2019.

The Prodigy doesn’t use any moving or spinning parts like a traditional rain spinner. Instead, it uses a compressor that pushes air down through a hose and then over a special piece of glass.

IMG 2092

The air from the compressor is forced over the front of the glass at 300mph. Because of the pressure of the air, water gets removed before it can settle on the glass.

Since we last saw Prodigy it has undergone quite a few changes. There is now a different control mechanism and compressor. The controller can now be set to three different speeds.

Screen Shot 2022 11 17 at 8 47 05

The Prodigy was used extensively in Batman and the Bright Tangerine team received a lot of feedback that led to small changes that have now found their way into the final shipping unit.

Above you can see some scenes in this BTS video where the Prodigy was used.

heart of stone

Prodigy has also been used in numerous movies, commercials, and TV shows and it is currently on the set of Dune 2.

IMG 2089

Unlike when you use a spinner, you won’t get a dead spot in the middle of the lens if you are tilting your camera up or down. The other benefit is that if you are operating handheld you-you won’t be fighting a centrifugal force.

Price & Availability

Bright Tangerine said that the Prodigy will be shipping in the next few weeks and the retail price will be $7,999.99 USD.

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