Artlist MAX

Artlist is changing things up and its goal is to become an industry-disruptive all-in-one platform that provides a complete solution for video creators by offering music, sound effects, stock footage, templates, plugins, and editing software.

As part of the new Artlist, the company will be offering various bundles and plans that users can choose from according to their needs:

The New Artlist Max Bundle (Starting at $29.99 USD/month)

The new bundle will include unlimited access to:

  • Royalty-free music
  • Sound effects
  • Stock footage
  • Video templates
  • HitFilm Pro/creator (Pro video editing & compositing software)
  • Imerge (image editing app)
  • Plugins (for Premiere Pro, After Effects, FinalCut, Davinci Resolve and more)

Users choosing the Artlist Max bundle will be able to choose between the following plans:

Max Social ($29.99 USD/month)

This plan covers creators’ personal social channels, including:

  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitch
  • TikTok
  • Podcasts

Creators will be able to link 1 channel from each social media platform, and the content they publish on these platforms will be cleared from copyright and monetizable as long as it’s used organically. This license also comes with the Hitfilm Creator editing software license, designed for advanced video editors.

Max Pro ($39.99 USD/month)

This plan will come with the Artlist Pro License, which covers all types of videos and online platforms, Including:

  • Worldwide commercial work
  • Films broadcasting rights
  • Websites
  • Wedding videos
  • All social media platforms

This license also comes with the Hitfilm Pro editing software license, a plan that includes advanced 3D & VFX editing tools. Creators with the Max Pro plan will have the option to upgrade their footage subscription to get RAW/LOG footage. (With an extra of $19.92 USD/month)

Max Teams (Starting at $68.00 USD/month)

Artlist Max Team subscribers will receive everything in Max Pro, and:

  • 2 – 7 members
  • The option to add and remove team members Max Enterprise (Tailor-made license)

Max Enterprise (Tailor-made license)

For custom – made solutions, and/or for organizations of 100+ employees. The enterprise license includes everything in Max Pro, and:

  • Customized terms & licenses
  • Premium customer success
  • Dedicated curation services

According to Artlist, the Max bundle is the first of many more innovations to come, with the explicit aim towards actualizing Artlist’s vision. The ultimate goal is to create a multi-asset search experience that is connected to the users’ preferred editing software and enables an ideal, streamlined process of video creation. Creators who are looking for specific assets will still be able to purchase the existing subscriptions, such as music & SFX, stock footage and video templates (as part of the footage subscription).

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