Editing Remotely With Adobe Premiere Pro


I stumbled on this great article by Michael Kammes on his Five Things Series website on editing remotely with Premiere Pro. It’s packed with info on different scenarios, from Team Projects to remoting into the office to edit. It’s informative and could open up some possibilities you didn’t know you had.

The tutorials cover the following:

  • 1. Team Projects
  • 2. Adobe Productions
  • 3. All in the Cloud
  • 4. Remoting into the Office
  • 5. Hybrids

About Michael Kammes

Michael Kammes has designed and built thousands of production and post-production systems, workflows, and facility integrations during his nearly 20 years as a technology advisor in the media and entertainment industry.

Michael currently serves as the VP of Business Development and Marketing at cloud solutions provider BeBop Technology in Los Angeles, after having been Director of Technology for ten years at systems integrator Key Code Media.
Michael is an Apple Certified Trainer, an Avid Certified Support Representative, and a member of Motion Picture Sound Editors.

Editing Remotely With Adobe Premiere Pro

While many have gone back into the building to work many are breaking it up with working from home a couple of days a week. If you are an editor this can be difficult if your media is at the main location and not at your home. Michael shows you some very good options and what to watch out for so you don’t make a mess. Head over to Michael’s website and check out the video and article at Five Things.

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