DZOFILM Vespid Retro Golden Coating Cine Lens Set Released

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If you like lenses with character, then the Vespid Retro Golden Coating cine lenses might be for you.

The new DZOFilm VESPID Retro 7-Lens Kit offers a retro look that combines cool blue tones with warm amber flares. The kit includes 25, 35, 50, 75, 100, and 125mm prime lenses, each with interchangeable PL and EF mounts.


The Retro series lenses cover full-frame and VV sensors, have the same mechanical performance as the original VESPID primes and offer 270° of barrel rotation for precise focus pulls. Under certain conditions, the Retro primes’ golden coating creates an art-house look with a warm orange glow.

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The lenses feature silver aluminum housings which distinguish the Retro lenses from the original DZOFilm VESPID series. The Retro series lenses have an 80mm front diameter, an M77 filter thread, and consistent focus and iris gearing to make swapping between them easier.

Only Available in a 7-Lens Set

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DZOFILM Vespid Retro PL Set

If you only want a couple of the lenses, you are out of luck, as they will only be available in a limited-edition 7-lens set.

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We have seen numerous lens manufacturers over the last few years bring out limited edition sets of lenses with different coatings. While it is always good to have more options available, it is a tough sell for a budget lens manufacturer to suddenly try and start selling lenses that are almost twice the price, especially when the mechanics and optical construction remain unchanged.


The 7-lens Vespid Retro set retails for $18,999 USD and includes both PL and EF mounts. This is a huge price increase over the existing DZOFilm VESPID Prime Cine 8-Lens Kit (PL & EF Mounts) which can be purchased for $10,498 USD. Considering the target audience for DZOFilm, it will be interesting to see how many people are prepared to pay almost double for these lenses.

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