Tilta Nucleus Nano II Coming Soon

Tilta has teased that the next generation of the Nucleus Nano, the Nano II will be coming soon. They have stated that the Nano II will cost 60% less than the current model while being greatly improved.

The Nucleus follow focus system which was announced way back in 2013 was arguably the first, affordable wireless follow focus system that allowed anyone from entry-level users all the way up to seasoned professionals to remotely control focus/iris/zoom without needing to spend a ton of money. In fact, Tilta has sold more than 300,000 Nucleus-M and Nucleus-Nano units since the system was first launched.

Screen Shot 2022 10 21 at 8 24 13

Now, there isn’t a ton of information available about the new Nano II system, however, Tilta has stated that the new system will be compatible with existing Nucleus-M, Nano, and Mirage Motorized VND systems.

Screen Shot 2022 10 21 at 8 30 55

The current Nucleus-Nano Wireless Lens Control System is already very affordable at $299 USD, so the new Nano II will be considerably more affordable.

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