MOFAGE POCO Drop-in Filter Adapter that is compatible with most PL mount lenses

The MOFAGE POCO Drop-in Filter Adapter combines rear filters with adapters. The POCO is compatible with most PL mount lenses. The POCO is 24.5mm-26.5mm deep. If the user is not sure whether the POCO filter adapter is compatible with their PL mount lens, they can use an included test card to measure. 

This adapter is likely to appeal to users of digital cinema cameras and mirrorless hybrids that don’t feature built-in ND filters or those users who want to run PL glass without a matte box.

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What is very interesting and quite unique to the POCO adapter is that it utilizes interchangeable mounts. This means that you only need to buy one adapter because it can be used on multiple camera platforms.

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You can turn the adapter into the following mounts:

  • PL-Sony E mount
  • PL- Canon RF mount
  • PL-Nikon Z mount
  • PL-Leica L mount 

The benefit of using a rear filter adapter is that you only need to use one size of filter regardless of what lens you may be running. This is very handy if you have PL mount lenses with different-sized front diameters and you don’t want to run a matte box.

By pressing a button, you can change the filter whenever you need. The adapter features an auto-locking mechanism so that your filter won’t fall out.

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POCO can be used with several different filter options, including VND, Black mist, White mist, and Streaks. When you don’t need to use a filter, you just put in the Pure Clear which the company claims doesn’t affect your image in any way. MOFAGE doesn’t list what size the filters are that work in the adapter, nor whether third-party filters can be used.

The VND filter can be manually or remotely controlled via a focus motor. The filter comes with a 0.8 pitch gear.

Price & Availability

The MOFAGE POCO Drop-in Filter Adapter will soon be launched via a Kickstarter campaign. You can sign up in advance for a 30% discount which means you can secure one for the early bird price of $329 USD. The official retail price will be $439.

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