Intellytech 1×3 LiteCloth 2.0 LC-120 Sale

Intellytech has the 1×3 LiteCloth 2.0 LC-120 on sale today for only $499 USD, which is a saving of $300 USD. You can also get the 2 Light Kit – Litecloth LC-120 2.0 – 1X3 Foldable LED Mat Kit for $985 USD which is a saving of $515 USD.

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These are very good deals. I am a big fan of the Intellytech LED Mats and I use the larger ones regularly for my work.

The 1×3 LiteCloth 2.0 LC-120 is a 120 Watt, 1×3 LED Mat weighing just 2 pounds that folds down to a 12″x12″ square. This unique design allows the user to create a broad, bright, natural-looking light that can be set up quickly and doesn’t take up much space if you need to travel.a

The LC-120 has a firm backing behind the Mat, but can also fold down at its collapsible cross sections. This form factor allows for the light to be mounted in seconds without the need for a giant metal frame or x-bracket. In addition, users can now travel with a 1×3 Light Kit that takes up less space than a conventional 1×1 panel.

The included Mount securely attaches to the rear of the Mat via a special high-strength Velcro. Like the Mat, the Mount also folds down allowing it to pack easily into the carrying case.

You can power the light via AC or battery. Choose either V-Mount or Gold Mount battery plate. Works Universally 100-240V.

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The 2 Light Kit – Litecloth LC-120 2.0 – 1X3 Foldable LED Mat Kit comes with the following items:

  • 2x 1×3 LED Mat
  • 2x Softbox W/ Diffuser & Grid
  • 2x Mounting Bracket & Double Jointed Silver Stud
  • 2x All-In-One Controller W/ V-Mount OR Gold Mount Battery Plate (choose one) – Works Universally 100-240V.
  • Hard, Crushproof Case with wheels and retractable handle to fit all of the included accessories – 21x14x11″, 34 pounds fully loaded.
  • 2x Grommet Tie Sets
  • 2x PowerCON Power Cable

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