Canon XF605 Professional Camcorder Firmware Update

Screenshot 2022 09 18 at 4 04 57 PM

Canon’s firmware update for its XF605 Professional Camcorder. This new update adds support for XC Protocol allowing operators to remotely control camera settings, 4K XF-AVC intra-frame recording, and enhanced face/head autofocus capabilities.

Firmware Version incorporates the following enhancements:

  1. Adds support for Canon IP [XC Protocol].
  2. Adds XF-AVC 4K Intra format, the highly efficient compressed format of 4K video.
  3. Adds support for vertical shooting.
  4. Face detection, eye detection and tracking are now enabled when S&F is set to 24P-120P.
  5. Adds support for 4CH display in audio meter.
  6. [REC] can now be assigned to Assignable button 11.
  7. Improved to retain the recording settings when switching between normal shooting and S&F shooting.
  8. Adds file name to SDI Ancillary data on the video output signal.
  9. Adds [Built-in Mic] and [MIC Terminal] option in [CH2 INPUT] menu in Audio setting.
  10. Fixes an issue, in which, in rare instances, the camera cannot be normally operated when operating the REC button with the camera set to the [Continuous Recording] function.

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