Mimiq Bin Locking software for Media Composer is now a Hedge app

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Mimiq, the industry-leading Bin Locking software for Media Composer is now a Hedge app. Mimiq’s bin locking means that Media Composer editors can work collaboratively, using any non-Avid storage.

Having Mimiq in the mix along Postlab, Merge, and Hedge’s own Remote Locking technology for Avid means they now have a comprehensive set of solutions for collaborative editing.

So what is Mimiq?

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Bin locking stops others from overwriting your files while they’re working with you on a shared project, and was introduced by Avid in Media Composer.

With the bin you’re working in locked, no one else can get into your edit. When you’re done, the bins are unlocked, so others can’t add to or modify your work.

This sounds simple, but not if you want to use third-party storage for your Avid. Mimiq changes all of that.

Until Mimiq, the only way to work collaboratively with other Media Composer editors was through expensive proprietary hardware. There was no way to use the plethora of third-party storage available to everyone at sensible prices. Now, anyone can set up a collaborative editing workflow for Media Composer.

Pricing & Availability

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The new Mimiq is now not only available for both macOS and Windows, but it also runs natively on Apple silicon. This rebuild app has simpler and more generous licensing, better and wider OS support, and it also supports everything Avid supports.

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