ARRI ALEXA 35 Software Update Packet SUP 1.0.3 Revision 4

Screenshot 2022 08 12 at 10 54 29 AM

The ARRI ALEXA 35 has just recently started shipping, and some of those cameras were shipped with the ALEXA 35 Software Update Packet SUP 1.0.3 Revision 3 installed. ARRI has subsequently released a new maintenance update SUP 1.0.3 Revision 4, which contains important bug fixes and improvements to system stability.

This is a very minor update and there are no new features in SUP 1.0.3 Revision 4 in contrast to Revision 3.

How to update

ALEXA 35 SUP 1.0.3 Revision 4 can be installed in all previously shipped ALEXA 35 cameras, and we recommend updating from SUP 1.0.3 Revision 3 to SUP 1.0.3 Revision 4. However, we do not recommend updating to a new SUP in the middle of a production. Please read through the Release Notes, which contain detailed update instructions, before you update your camera.

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