Tilta Advanced Wooden Handles

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Tilta has new Advanced Wooden Handles that are available in either left or right-hand side versions. Tilta has made a wide array of handles over the years and these latest versions have been designed so you can attach them magnetically to different connectors depending on your requirements.

This design has been well thought out because with the majority of wooden handles that are on the market they only come with a rosette attachment.

By creating a handle with a unique mount and then selling a wide array of attachments, users have far more options.

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Above you can see what the various attachments can be used for.

The wooden handles look reasonably well made and it would be interesting to see how ergonomic they are to use. The handles are carved from black walnut wood and further assembled with CNC-milled high-grade aluminum-alloy. The handles weigh in at 250g / 8.82 oz.

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The handles also feature a single-hand quick release. All you need to do to adjust the angle of the handle is push one button.

Price & availability

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The Tilta Advanced Wooden Handles are available in left or right sided versions and the base handle sells for $89.10 USD. It is also available with the following attachments:

I couldn’t find any information regarding buying individual attachments separately. I would imagine Tilta will be selling them but they aren’t currently listed anywhere.

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