EditReady 22.3 Update

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The EditReady 22.3 release adds the Canon Cinema RAW Light format as well as support for ARRI’s new ALEXA 35 camera.

EditReady 22.3 is now available to download. It is a free update if you extended or bought your license less than a year ago. If not, you will need to buy a full version of EditReady or download a trial version.

Canon RAW (CRM)

Canon C500 Mark II

Canon RAW (Canon Cinema RAW Light) reduces the uncompressed RAW files by 60% – 80% without significantly degrading the quality of the images.

EditReady now lets you convert Canon RAW to a format of your choice.



The new ARRI ALEXA 35 requires different processing even when dealing with material captured in ARRIRAW. As the ALEXA 35 uses LogC4 and ARRI ARRI Wide Gamut 4 you can’t just use existing ARRIRAW workflows.

EditReady now supports ARRI’s new LogC4 and ARRI Wide Gamut 4 so you can deal with ARRIRAW footage captured on the ALEXA 35 and convert the files into an edit-friendly file format.

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