Dedolight NEO Color LED spotlight

Dedolight and Prolycht have announced the new dedolight NEO Color LED spotlight. This is the first product in the technological collaboration between dedolight and Prolycht that was formed towards the end of 2021. The NEO Color LED spotlight integrates the optics of a dedolight with the RGBACL Hyperlight Color Engine from Prolycht.

The NEO Color is an RGBACL 80w adjustable color focusing spotlight that comes in the familiar dedolight form factor. The NEO Color utilizes the RGBACL Hyperlight Color Engine developed by Prolycht and Dedolight’s renowned integrated optics to give a 6:1 variable beam angle.

The NEO Color joins the Prolycht’s Orion 300 FS and Orion 675 FS color spotlights to form a family of lights utilizing the same color engine. In theory, this should allow you to use all of them together because they should be an almost identical match.

The RGBACL Hyperlight Color Engine was engineered by Dr. Anqing Liu to utilize red, green, blue, amber, cyan, and lime emitters to obtain the widest possible color gamut. This is claimed to produce accurate skin tone reproduction throughout an extended 2,000K – 20,000K CCT range, as well as richly saturated colors across a range greater than competing RGBW and RGBWW LED lights.

The dedolight NEO Color shares a similar feature set to the Prolycht Orion 675 FS and Orion 300 FS. Controls include x,y, hundreds of built-in Lee and Rosco gel equivalents, dozens of built-in light source equivalents, and an array of customizable effects.

dedolight Neo Color 3

Each is controllable via the menu on the ballast’s OLED display or via the same ChromaLink app that is used by the as the Prolycht Orion series using Bluetooth or WiFi. Also included is control via DMX and LumenRadio CRMX for integration with a variety of wired and wireless lighting controllers and consoles.

DLED7C at 11 24 18

The NEO Color features full metal construction and it comprises of the NEO Color lamphead (DLED7C) and the DTneoC Ballast.

The fixture can be powered by a V-mount battery or AC Power Supply. A 3-meter cable connects the lamphead to the NEO Color control unit, and an optional 10-meter cable is also available. The dedolight NEO Color is compatible with lots of current dedolight optical accessories.

Price & Availability

The NEO Color will ship later this year. The dedolight NEO Color AC/DC Set (SETDLED7C-AC) will be $1,995 USD. The dedolight NEO Color AC/DC Set (SETDLED7C-AC) which includes both V-mount and AC Power supply options, plus header cable, Light Shield Ring and an 8-leaf Barndoor attachment will be $2,145 USD, but as an introductory price, dedolight will be selling it for $1,995 USD.

DLED7C at 11 18 38

The dedolight NEO Color will be shown at CineGear 2022 this week in Los Angeles.

dedolight NEO Color Standard Set (SETDLED7C)
NEO Color Lamphead (DLED7C)
NEO Color Ballast w/V-mount (DTN7C+)
3-meter Header Cable for NEO Color (DPOWN7C-3)
Light Shield Ring (DPLS)
8-Leaf Barndoors (DBD8)
dedolight NEO Color AC/DC Set (SETDLED7C-AC)
NEO Color Standard Set (SETDLED7C)
AC Power Supply (DPLS15-100)

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