DJI Mic Firmware Update

Screenshot 2022 05 12 at 1 55 01 PM

DJI has released v02.00.72.80 firmware update for its wireless mic system. While this is not a huge update it does add several new operational features that users will appreciate.

Screenshot 2022 05 12 at 1 55 12 PM

New features

  • Added Transmitter Settings for receiver include REC Stop Lock, Auto Record, and LED Brightness.
  • REC Stop Lock is off by default. If REC Stop Lock is on, the user cannot stop recording when pressing the REC button to avoid unexpected operation.
  • Auto Record is off by default. When Auto record is enabled, the transmitter will automatically start internal recording when powering on
  • LED Brightness allows the user to set the brightness of the LEDs of the transmitter.

When the firmware is updated, the settings of DJI Mic will be restored to default. If the firmware fails to update, restart the transmitter and receiver and try again. Contact DJI Support if the firmware update fails again.

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