OWC Copy That for Mac Public Beta

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At NAB 2022, OWC has announced Copy That for Mac Public Beta. This is a new copy and verification software that was developed by OWC.

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According to OWC, Copy That streamlines the ingest process with lighting fast, verified copies of your files from RED, Blackmagic, ARRI cameras, and other storage media. Copy That for Mac handles everything from checksum copies to simultaneous transfers to multiple storage solutions.


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Copy That for Mac was designed around speed, and it was optimized to complete the copy process using every available resource at its disposal, regardless of whether you are copying an entire card/disk or moving select files. An intuitive interface enables you to quickly select your media, destinations, reporting, and type of verification needed to begin the duplication process.

Verification ​

Copying data at fast spees is great but it needs to be verified correctly, otherwise you could get a bnasty surprise. Copy That for Mac ensures that your data is copied correctly with multiple Checksum options, including XXHash-64, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-2 256, SHA-2 512, and file size verification.


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Once you’ve copied and verified your media, you need to know precisely where it’s located. Copy That for Mac creates detailed reports (MHL, PDF, TXT, CVS) that include all relevant information, including naming, file status, checksum verification, start and finish dates, etc. What is nice is that reports also include thumbnails which can help you find the shot you are looking for quickly. A Job Archive list also keeps track of copy jobs.


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Copy That’s presets feature allows you to create the name, location, and file naming prefix and suffix details for use on multiple products.

Price & Availability

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The Copy That for Mac Public Beta is now available to download. It doesn’t cost anything to try out. I am unsure about whether OWC will be making this a free piece of software or whether they will be charging for it once the Beta ends.


This looks like an interesting piece of software, and although it isn’t doing anything we haven’t seen before, if it being offered for free this could certainly stir up the market.

Please bear in mind that this is a beta product and I wouldn’t reccoemnd using it for any critical jobs. At this stage it should just be used for people to test out to see how it perfroms.

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