Core SWX creates power solutions for ATOMOS products

Core SWX has announced a new partnership with ATOMOS to provide innovative power solutions for a range of ATOMOS products.

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As part of this partnership, Core SWX has introduced two new NPF style batteries, the NANO-F and the NPF-ATOM50. These have been made specifically for 5-inch and 7-inch ATOMOS monitor/recorders. Core SWX also has a new CSX-NB19 Battery Module for use with the NEON monitors.


The NANO-F was designed for use with ATOMOS 5-inch or 7-inch devices including the NINJA V, NINJA V+, and SHINOBI. The 45wh L-series battery is capable of handling up to a 7A load. It features a 4-cell design, which Core SWX states make it slimmer and more powerful than most comparable 45wh L-series packs. The battery is equipped with a 4-stage LED gauge.


The NPF-ATOM50 is a dual NPF battery pack for the 7-inch Dual NPF sled ATOMOS devices such as the SHINOBI 7, Shogun, and the legacy 7-inch Flame and Inferno series. It offers a capacity of 49wh and a P-tap which allows users to power other devices. The battery is equipped with a 4-stage LED gauge.

AtomX NEON battery system by Core SWX

The AtomX NEON battery system by Core SWX is a battery module that accepts two V-mount or 3-Stud AB Gold Mount batteries. This allows it to supply proper voltage and current delivery to power the NEON monitors without the need for AC mains.

The module has NATO rails on top and side so it can be clamped to a C-stand or connected to a NATO handle for easy transport.

These new products will mark their first debut at Core SWX’s booth (C5623) and the ATOMOS booth (C9526) during the 2022 NAB Show.

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