Lectrosonics Introduces DSR Dual-Channel & DSR4 Quad-Channel Digital Slot Receivers

Lectrosonics has announced its new DSR and DSR5P dual-channel and DSR4 quad-channel digital slot receivers. These new receivers are not only compatible with all the current Lectrosonics mono and stereo digital transmitters, but they are also backward compatible with any of the Digital Hybrid Wireless transmitters made in the past 20 years.

The DSR and the DSR5P receivers give you two independent receiver channels and the DSR4 provides four independent receiver channels. Lectrosonics states that they provide the highest level of RF and audio performance available, with versatile feature sets and next-generation capabilities in the Unislot/Superslot form factor for ENG (Electronic News Gathering), field, and location production.

dsr stack 2 channel
DSR and DSR5P Dual-Channel

Both receivers are offered in several tuning ranges including A1B1 (470-614MHz), B1C1 (537-692MHz), 941 (941-960MHz for use in North America), and 961 (961-1,015MHz for use in the UK). Settings can be adjusted from the front panels which feature high-resolution displays, making the units suitable for use in portable bag systems, mounted in or on cameras, and placed on sound carts.

An RF spectrum analyzer and SmartTune are built into the receivers to help alleviate interference problems in an increasingly congested RF spectrum. 2-way IR sync makes it quick to set up matching transmitters. The new receivers include a USB jack and data connection through the SuperSlot interface for compatibility with Lectrosonics Wireless Designer frequency coordination and system management software.

The RF gain stages in the front end of the DSR and DSR4 use a newly developed design that is claimed to provide low noise RF amplification, excellent sensitivity, and extremely low susceptibility to intermodulation and de-sensitization with an IP3 (3rd Order Intercept point) of +15dBm (DSR4) and +11dBm (DSR, DSR5P).

The DSR and DSR5P dual-channel units are exactly the same size and they feature the same screw mounting holes and rear connector as all Lectrosonics SR series predecessors, so that existing accessories for powering, audio outputs, and slot mounting are all compatible, including the SREXT, SRSUPER, SRSNY, and SRBATTSLED units.

DSR4 Quad-Channel

The DSR4 is slightly longer than the older units in order to accommodate larger circuit boards. As the unit has four audio outputs, legacy accessories can’t be used with the 4-channel unit. Thus, new accessories for mounting, powering, and audio outputs will be available.

Both receivers incorporate powerful AES 256-CTR mode encryption, with four different encryption key policies available including Universal, Shared (great for sports coverage), Standard, and Volatile (one-time use key).

Pricing and Availability

The DSR, DSR5P, and DSR4 will be available worldwide from Lectrosonics Authorized UHF dealers starting in Q3, 2022. For pricing contact your authorized Lectrosonics dealer.

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