SIRUI Full-frame Jupiter Macro Cine Primes

SIRUI has teased new full-frame Jupiter Macro Cine Primes. These lenses will be launched via an upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

According to SIRUI, the Jupiter series is a macro full-frame cine prime lens set that is being touted as offering great value for money given its excellent optical performance and build quality (their words, not mine!).

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The Jupiter Macro Cine Primes come in the following focal lengths:

  • 24mm T2
  • 35mm T2
  • 50mm T2

All three prime lenses feature macro capabilities and they have a claimed minimum focus distance of 24cm / 9.45″. 24cm is reasonably close for 24mm and 35mm prime lenses, however, calling them Macro Primes, at least in my opinion, is a bit of a stretch. Having close focus on wide angle lenses is certainly helpful for creating some shots, but how often do you focus on something that is 24cm away when you are using a lens like that? SIRUI also claims that they feature high sharpness, minimal optical aberration and excellent flare suppression.

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The Jupiter lenses are available in native PL/EF mount. E-mount and RF-mount adapters will also be available so you can use them on a wider range of cameras.

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All three lenses feature industry standard 0.8 pitch gears and they all have a common 92mm front diameter. What is slightly odd is that all three lenses have different focus throws.

Screenshot 2022 04 19 at 10 31 39 AM

Above you can see how much the lenses weigh.

Price & Availability

The Jupiter Macro Cine Primes aren’t available yet as SIRUI’s Kickstarter campaign hasn’t even started yet. You can now sign up to get an early bird price of $799 USD each. There is also a three-lens bundle available for $2,238 USD.

The E-mount and RF-mount adapters will be available for $119 USD.

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There are so many ‘affordable’ full frame cine primes on the market already. The closest competition would arguable be from MEIKE and DZOFilm, although there ae also a ton of other brands also with similar offerings.

You may well be asking why we need more budget cine primes on the market and that is a legitimate question. It seems like every man and his dog is now making cine lenses, and I amnot sure what makes these offerigs stsand out from any other budget cine lenses we have seen come to market. SIRUI probably should be following the same path as Laowa and releasing unique and interesting lenses, not more of the same.

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