German lighting manufacturer SUMOLIGHT has announced its new SUMOMAX RGBWW fixture.

The SUMOMAX is a high-output, 1800-15,000K full-spectrum (RGBWW) light that features a hexagonal design, high lumen output, and modular form factor.

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The light draws 700W fixture and it was designed to be used for a variety of different lighting applications. The SUMOMAX works with an array of light shaping tools that transform it from a spacelight to soft light to a high-intensity fixture.

The SUMOMAX retains a similar form factor as the SUMOSPACE+. Its hexagonal profile measures 561 x 500 x 175mm / 22.1 x 19.7 x 6.9 inches.

The SUMOMAX modular design offers advantages when it comes to building light boxes, light walls, or other arrays. Fixtures can be arranged honeycomb-style to create unique patterns or shapes to suit the job. For enhanced lighting creativity cells within the structure can be controlled as a group or individually.

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The SUMOSNAP one-click quick-release connecting system effectively allows multiple fixtures to be easily combined into powerful unlimited size arrays. Mounting is simple with its built-in 16mm spigot. It provides a screw-free interface to truss systems, standard junior pins and other grip hardware. An optional yoke is also available.

With SUMOMAX’s “swoptic” modular interchangeable optics, you can change the beam angle from a narrow 20° (native) up to a super wide 120° via the use of clip-on optics. The Intensity is fully-dimmable from 0-100% and the light features built-in effects that include 0-30 Hz Shutter/Strobe and automated programs.

Each fixture comes complete with an internal power supply, on-fixture touch display panel, DMX/RDM, ethernet, and WiFi control ability. The light uses passive cooling so there is no fan. The SUMOMAX is also IP65 rated.

Price & Availability

There is no word on pricing or availability just yet. SUMOLIGHT products do tend to be quite expensive and they are aimed squarely at high-end productions. As a reference, the SUMOSPACE Bi-Color LED Basic Kit retails for $5,140 USD.

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