Prolycht ORION 300 FS firmware update PLUS April promotion


Today, Prolycht introduces new Orion 300 FS color LED spotlight features with a free firmware update.
Prolycht listened to feedback from users and worked directly with gaffers and DPs. As a result, several improvements were implemented, the most significant being a new X/Y coordinates mode that gives additional creative control while remaining intuitive. It allows precision color settings to be matched across several Orion 300 FS units and other lights accessed through a new submenu on the ballast via Prolycht’s free ChromaLink app or the updated DMX protocol.

New X/Y Control Page of the ChromaLink app

Prolycht recently added advanced controls to the light’s existing ability to sample and playback the changing color of a scene recorded by the user’s phone or tablet running the ChromaLink app.


The function is beneficial on a virtual set when trying to recreate the changing lighting of a scene. The user can point the camera at a green object for 10 seconds, then a red object for 5 seconds to record it. When they play the file back, the Orion will replicate the colors for the same periods of time. Nifty!

The Orion 300 FS with 36″ Soft Dome

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As a result of user feedback, the maximum record time of this feature has been extended from two minutes to ten. Real-time controls have also been added to make changes AFTER the files are created. In playback, there’s a slider for Brightness, one for “Degree of Filter” (similar to different strengths of gel being applied to a light), and then a color wheel for the actual color, plus Hue and Saturation inputs again. All of which can be adjusted in real-time during playback to match whatever interactive lighting the operator may want.

Free Soft Dome Promotion

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To celebrate these improvements, Prolycht is offering an April promotion in the US and Canada. With the purchase of an Orion 300 FS (PL20001 and PL20001AB), a free Orion 36″ Soft Dome (PL20003) is included. This offer is valid throughout the month of April for all purchased through authorized US dealers.

Firmware Update:
Core v2.02.13
Driver v4.9
ADDED New CIE X/Y mode, set colors using X/Y coordinates in CIE1931 colorspace
ADDED Power-up calibration can be switched off in menu
UPDATED DMX protocols to include CIE X/Y mode
UPDATED Orion now remembers prior setting of IP address and subnet
UPDATED ArtNet application full IP setting enabled
FIXED DMX mode 3 bug creating continuous power cycling
FIXED Improved user interface and other minor bugs
The free ChromaLink App has also been updated with:
ADDED X/Y mode control interface
IMPROVED Color Picker mode supports real-time sampling
IMPROVED Recording mode adds white balance & tint adjustment (IOS devices)
IMPROVED Color & Brightness accuracy in Color Picker & Recording modes

Download for Update

Go to the download page under the Service tab at www.prolycht.com and download the update. Easy as pie!

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