Atomos AtomOS firmware 10.74 for the NINJA V/V+

Atomos has relaesed AtomOS firmware 10.74 for the NINJA V/V+. This new firmware update adds custom frame guides, the ability to do frame grabs, and onion skin overlay.

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Custom Frame Guides 

Custom Frame Guides allow users to preview their shot as it would appear with different aspect ratios or cropped for different social platforms. The new update features the ability to create custom guides to meet any specific or unique requirements. Custom guides include an option to display correctly proportioned safe zones, to ensure that the frame is set up correctly during production. 

Frame Grab 

Frames can be grabbed during playback and recording with a tap of the new Frame Grab button. Each frame is saved as a 1920 x 1080 still in the PNG format. This feature can be used in conjunction with the monitoring tools on the NINJA V/V+, to capture frames with specific LUTs and create a record of different looks. 

Onion Skin Overlay 

The term “onion skinning” will be familiar to animators and simply refers to the ability to overlay images with various levels of transparency for comparison. The new Onion Skin feature on the NINJA V/V+ offers the ability to load a frame grab, then select from three levels of opacity or activate a split-screen view. In addition to quickly loading the last frame grab, any preexisting PNG images loaded onto the device can be selected. 

The new software is available through a revised download and activation process via my.atomos.com learn more

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