Canon PowerShot PICK

The Canon PowerShot PICK is now finally available. This camera was first launched on crowdfunding platform IndieGoGo way back in early 2021. If you are not familiar with the product, the PowerShot PICK is a palm-sized Full HD camera that was designed to track and capture content creators.

The PowerShot PICK can capture Full HD at up to 60P video and high-quality 11.7MP still images. The camera automatically pans and tilts to keep the subject in the center of the frame. This makes it ideal for capturing content such as cooking, fitness, and dance demonstrations, although you could also use it for a wide variety of applications. The tracking range of the camera is up to 5m / 16.4′.

Key features

  • Pan, Tilt, Zoom capability
  • Webcam function
  • 1/2.3-inch 12MP CMOS image sensor
  • 3x 19-57mm optical zoom lens (35mm equivalent)
  • Maximum aperture of F2.8
  • Built-in image stabilization
  • Pans 170° in both directions and tilts 110°
  • Battery-powered
  • WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Records to a microSD card (included)

Content creators can place the PowerShot PICK on a flat surface and start recording by using the free dedicated smartphone app. Not only will the camera track a subject as they move through the frame, but it also has
voice command capabilities for hands-free control.

The PowerShot PICK utilizes a 19-57mm focal length range and it offers a broad field of view of 340˚ horizontally and 110˚ vertically. It features USB-C charging and built-in Wi-Fi, which links to smart devices.

When using the camera on a handgrip, the PowerShot PICK’s unique feature set of image stabilizer, combined with a flexible pan-and-tilt zoom lens, work hand-in-hand with human tracking allowing the subject to always be kept in the center of the frame.

Screenshot 2022 03 24 at 1 52 06 PM

A new firmware update was released on 23rd March 2022. The update enables a release function to be assigned to the Communications button, allowing you to shoot manually with the camera alone without the need for a smartphone connection. A short press of the Communications Button will take a still shot and a long press will start recording a video. This feature will need to be activated in the settings.

The update also brings some improvements to the app usability including faster loading and display of thumbnail images and improved pan tilt operability for remote shooting.

Price & Availability

The Canon PowerShot PICK is now available to pre-order. I only have the Australian price which will be $629.00 (incl. GST) and it will be available in Australia from 30 March 2022. I expect the USD price to be around $399.

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