DZOFilm CATTA Ace FF 70-135mm & 35-80mm T2.9 Zoom (PL+EF Mount)

Last year, DZOFilm released the CATTA FF Zoom Lenses. These lenses were quite unique as they were the first truly affordable full-frame cinema zooms to come to market. The catch was that they were only available in Sony E mount and they only came in white. The new CATTA Ace FF Zooms are exactly the same as the Catta except they come in PL+EF mount and they are black instead of being white.


DZOFilm chose to use black aluminum alloy for the housing of the CATTA Ace. Even though the lenses are made out of aluminum alloy and now feature a Pl+EF mount they are slightly heavier than the CATTA zooms, but they are slightly shorter. Below you can see the difference in weight and length between the CATTA Ace and the CATTA:

CATTA 35-80mm T2.91.53kg / 3.4 lb 214.4mm / 8.4″
CATTA Ace 35-80mm T2.91.69kg / 3.72 lb187.5mm / 7.38″
CATTA 70-135mm T2.91.59kg / 3.5 lb 214.4mm / 8.4″
CATTA Ace 70-135 T2.91.71kg / 3.76 lb187.5mm / 7.38″

Mount Options

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The CATTA Ace lenses are PL mount, although each lens comes with an additional EF mount. DZOFilm also states that an LPL mount version will also be available.

DZOFilm has also a range of adaptors for the original CATTA zooms. The following are available:

These adapters all cost $159 USD. According to DZOFilm, these adaptors are also supposed to work with the new CATTA Ace zooms, however, that is not going to be a straightforward easy to do change. From past experience user changable mounts can be tricky to change yourself. It requires patience and making sure you do it correctly.

Included Pelican Case

CATTA Ace comes with custom laser-cut foam in a Pelican case and is available in a single or two-lens kit.

Pricing & Availability

The CATTA Ace Zoom cine lenses, 35-80mm and 70-135mm cost $3,899 USD each and they come with a Pelican case. The two lens set is $7499 USD. The additional LPL mount is $219 USD. DZOFILM will start to ship the Catta Ace in early March.

These prices make the CATTA Ace significantly more than the Catta zooms. Below you can see how the prices compare:

CATTA 35-80mm T2.9$3,099 USD
CATTA Ace 35-80mm T2.9$3,899 USD
CATTA 70-135mm T2.9$3,099 USD
CATTA Ace 70-135 T2.9$3,899 USD
DZOFilm CATTA 35-80 & 70-135mm T2.9
E-Mount Cine Zoom 2-Lens Bundle
$5,899 USD
DZOFilm CATTA Ace 35-80 & 70-135mm T2.9
PL-Mount Cine Zoom 2-Lens Bundle
$7,499 USD
CATTA ACE 参数表 EN 2022 2 16 LG


Screenshot 2022 02 21 at 10 19 36 AM

Direct competition for the 35-80mm T2.9 comes in the form of the CHIOPT XTREME Zoom 28-85mm T3.2 which is currently available on Kickstarter for $2,320 USD.

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