Atomos Ninja V & NINJA V+ now include a full license of Assimilate Play Pro (worth $299 USD)

Assimilate Play Pro

Atomos and Assimilate have announced that any Ninja V or NINJA V+ purchased after the 15th January 2022 will include a full license of Assimilate Play Pro (worth $299 USD). This promotion is valid up until the 30th of April 2022.

If you are a current registered owner of the Ninja V/V+ you can also now purchase Assimilate Play Pro for $99 USD. You need to visit my.atomos.com to claim your license.

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The Ninja V/V+ can record in a range of professional formats, including Apple ProRes RAW, Apple ProRes, Avid DNxHD, and H.265 (HEVC). However, ProRes RAW still isn’t supported in some NLEs and other software. Assimilate Play Pro does natively support ProRes RAW, however, I think a lot of users of the Ninja V/V+ didn’t want to fork over $299 USD to use it.

If you record ProRes RAW as a production format, you can use Play Pro to convert the footage to a different format, for example, ProRes 4444 XQ (with embedded metadata). This means the content can be used to match footage recorded on different cameras including RED, ARRI, Phantom and Blackmagic. It also gives users the ability to work with applications that do not currently support ProRes RAW, including DaVinci Resolve. With Play Pro filmmakers can take footage recorded on any of these systems and transcode it to work alongside their established ProRes RAW workflow.

Assimilate Play Pro Software

Assimilate Play Pro

Assimilate Play Pro was designed as an advanced software solution for professional quality control (QC) and transcoding. This software supports changing White balance, ISO gain and Exposure offset with ProRes RAW, and debayer to all known color spaces and log-curves, including ACES.

Play Pro reads all and any metadata from the ProRes RAW files, such as: Camera model, lens used, f-stop number, focal length, and more. It can be used to view files in a wide range of codecs, including ProRes RAW as well as transcode files to Apple ProRes, H.264 and H.265 (HEVC). Play Pro is available for both macOS and Windows

Play Pro is available for both macOS and Windows. As I already mentioned, a standard license usually costs $299 USD, but it can now be obtained free with any new purchase of a NINJA V or NINJA V+. Registered owners qualify for a purchase price of $99 USD. You need Visit my.atomos.com to claim your license.

Learn more about Play Pro.

Watch the tutorial on how to transcode ProRes RAW in ASSIMILATE Play Pro here.

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