BirdDog Cam Control 3.0 software adds Auto Tracking for all PTZ cameras

Screenshot 2022 01 07 at 9 36 16 AM

BirdDog has released Cam Control 3.0. This free update enables auto tracking for all of their PTZ cameras.

Control 3.0, a Windows 10 application, is a free download from BirdDog’s website and works with all BirdDog cameras. It is designed to give users easy access to all functions and settings of the BirdDog cameras such as the advanced color matrix tools, it now also includes facial and body recognition to enable auto-tracking for all BirdDog PTZ cameras.

Cam Control 3.0 also includes a new interface that supports up to 4 cameras per software instance with the ability to load multiple instances to increase the number of cameras supported.

To enable auto-tracking on BirdDog PTZ cameras users will need the latest camera firmware which is immediately available. This is an in-field update for all cameras except for A200 and A300 Gen 1 cameras which will be required to be sent to a BirdDog authorized repair agent where they will be updated at no cost. BirdDog will also cover the return shipping to customers once updated.

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