DZOFILM Vespid Prime full-frame 16mm cine lens

Vespid 16mm group

DZOFilm has released the new 16mm T.28 Vespid Prime today. This is the 8th lens in the Vespid Prime series and the widest focal length in the set.

The 16mm T2.8 joins the following lenses:

DZOFiLM Octopus PL Lens to Sony E Mount Adapter Black
DZOFiLM Octopus PL Lens to Sony E-Mount Adapter Black

The 16mm is available in Arri PL of Canon EF mount. You can also use the DZOFILM Octopus adapters, to adapt to PL/EF/LPL/E/L/RF/X mounts.
The lens is constructed with one piece of Aspherical, three pieces of ED, and four pieces of High-resolution glasses, a total of 14 elements in 10 group designs that help control distortion.

All the lenses in the series share an 80mm front diameter and common gear positions. The rear of the lens has a magnetically attached rear filter that accepts optional ND filters.

Vespid prime Key features

  • The 16mm lens has an image circle that covers a full-frame sensor. When mounted on a camera with a Super35 sensor, it provides you with a tighter shot than if mounted on a camera with a full-frame sensor.
  • The lenses provide an organic look that is a cross between the modern-day cold and technically precise aesthetic and vintage cinema lenses.
  • The coated optics help provide natural-looking contrast while helping to control veiling glare and specular highlights, preventing flares from washing out your image.
  • The 16-blade iris makes for a natural-looking bokeh and creates smooth rounded out-of-focus highlights.
  • The modern mechanical design allows each lens to have a small size and lightweight yet share the same 80mm front diameter for fast lens changes.
  • The rear of the lens has a magnetically attached rear filter that accepts optional ND filters that help you control exposure without affecting the iris setting or changing your depth of field.
  • A minimum focusing distance of 10″ allows you to get up close to your subject.
Vespid 16mm 3 1

Price & Availability

The DZOFILM 16mm T2.8 is $1,799. The full set of Vespid primes is $10,489. DZOFILM offers an Early Bird Discount if purchased before January 20th, 2022. During the discount period, 16mm only sells $1,699, while the whole Vespid prime set is $10,298. The first shipping date is January 20th, 2022.

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