Angelbird Technologies releases new 160 GB & 512 GB CFexpress B media cards

Angelbird AV PRO CFexpress SE and SX 02 Web 3840x2160

Angelbird Technologies has announced two new CFexpress type B media cards. The 512GB CFexpress SE supports long-duration 8K+ RAW recording with no dropped frames.

The 160GB AV PRO CFexpress SX supports non-stop continuous high-speed shooting and is capable of easily handling 8K+ RAW.

Guaranteed Sustained Write Performance

Angelbird AV PRO CFexpress SE and SX 01 Web 3840x2160

The new CFexpress SE media cards are backed up with Angelbird’s Stable Stream Guaranteed Sustained Write Performance. Angelbird states it won’t throttle or drop speed during video recording or continuous mode shooting.

According to Angelbird, the minimum sustained write speed of the 512GB CFexpress SE card is 800MB/s. Conversely, the 160GB CFexpress SX card has a minimum sustained write speed of 1480MB/s. As far as I am aware, 1480MB/s is the fastest minimum sustained write speed of any card on the market. The speed is currently overkill for any camera that currently uses CFexpress Type B cards, however, who knows what will come in the future.


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Stable Stream™ Sustained Write Performance 
Demanding formats such as 8K+ RAW recording or continuous shot photography place a heavy data burden for most camera systems. Capturing high-definition frames requires a sustained write speed that does not throttle or drop off in performance as the capacity of the card gets used.


Angelbird Technologies states Stable Stream™ technology supports sustained write speeds ensuring that a reliable speed range is maintained throughout the duration of each shooting session for the entire capacity of the card.

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Y2 Processor 

Exceptional processing power designed to manage high data rate video and photography in 8K+ RAW 

Adaptive Thermal Management 

While long duration shooting or continuous burst photography at high data rates may trigger an overheating event in the camera, the AV PRO CFexpress SE and SX feature Adaptive Thermal Management technology that signals a safe shutdown while protecting the card and content from any potential damage or loss of frames.

Adaptive Power Management 

According to Angelbird, the low power draw and bus-powered components place a minimal drain on battery life for improved run times.  

Power Loss Protection 

A power loss protection circuit creates a safe shutdown to protect against content loss or damage in the event of a sudden power loss. 

Rock-Solid Build Quality 

The card is protected against moisture, x-ray, shock, dust, and extreme temperatures of -10° C to 70° C (14° F to 158°F).

SSD Manager 

You can monitor and optimize card health with Secure Erase feature that extends card lifespan and refreshes drive to a factory-fresh state. 

Free Engraving 

Angelbird allows users to personalize the CFexpress card with their name, project, or contact details. 

Fast Data Offloading 

The Angelbird CFexpress Type B Card Reader supports 20 Gb/s data transfers*. What you clearly need to remember is that offload speeds are dictated by the card’s performance, the card reader’s performance, and what type of hard drive you are using.

*with USB-C 3.2 Gen 2×2 compatible host system


Angelbird AV PRO CFexpress SE SX Photography 02 Web

The new Angelbird cards feature a 3-year limited warranty and free data recovery service. Enrolled products benefit from extended warranty coverage for 3 years with access to Angelbird’s customer service and free data recovery service on both hard- and software level.  


The 512 GB AV Pro SE CFexpress B retails for $179.99 USD
The 169 GB AV Pro SX CFexpress B retails for $179.99 USD

You may well be asking why the 160GB card costs the same as the 512GB card and the reason is that the 160GB card offers much higher sustained write speeds.

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