MUTINY IO DZO Pictor & Vespid Lens Cap Stickers

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MUTINY IO has made lens cap stickers for DZO’s popular Pictor and Vespid cine lenses. These lens cap stickers are available for the 25,35,50,75,90,100, and 125mm Vespid primes, as well as the 20-55mm and 50-125mm Pictor zooms.

The stickers are made out of vinyl die-cut and they are a cheaper alternative to custom lens caps. You can buy the stickers individually or as part of a set. Yes, you could just put some tape on a lens cap and write on it with a sharpie, but I personally like having all of my kit well labeled and easy to locate.

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A full set of stickers for the Vespid primes that cover all of the focal lengths costs $25 USD. Individual stickers can be bought for $4 USD. The Pictor zoom sticker set costs $9 USD.

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MUTINY IO will soon be releasing stickers for Contax Zeiss, Leica R, Canon L series, and other common focal lengths and zoom ranges.

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