Frame.io Expands Camera to Cloud Workflows

Frame.io has expanded its Camera to Cloud Workflows platform by adding support for Aaton Cantar X3 recorders, and Pomfort Livegrade, ZoeLog and Magic ViewFinder apps.

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Along with hardware support for the latest Aaton Cantar X3 sound which allows them to authenticate and communicate directly with Frame.io to upload full-quality audio files. recorders, Frame.io has added new methods to authenticate C2C connections from any web-connected device, including Android phones. 

Frame.io has also enabled popular filmmaking applications like Pomfort Livegrade with ShotHub, ZoeLog, and Magic ViewFinder to work with Camera to Cloud.

Frame.io Camera to Cloud now has over 1,300 productions using the service.

If you are not familiar with Camera to Cloud it allows creatives, sports groups, education, news, and filmmakers the ability to transmit, view, and edit footage moments after the camera stops rolling. For more information, you can visit https://www.frame.io/c2c

Pricing & Availability

Frame.io Camera to Cloud features is included at no additional cost for customers with a paid Frame.io account. Flexible new one- and three-month enterprise plans let production companies and studios purchase the service they need for the duration of their production. New Aaton, ZoeLog, and Magic ViewFinder integrations are available today. Integration with Pomfort Livegrade and ShotHub will be available early 2022. There is also a new update for Sound Devices audio recorders that improves performance with Camera to Cloud.

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