Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals – Updated Daily with the latest sales

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It’s that time of the year when deals start rolling out for Black Friday and here at Newsshooter, we are sharing the savings with you. The article will be updated daily with new deals. Hope you find something you need at a great price.


Tokina Cinema

Screenshot 2021 11 16 at 3 10 11 PM

Here are the discounts for Tokina Cinema. These are exclusive to US-based companies but they ship worldwide from the US. All the deals are available here: TokinaCinemaUSA.com

Automatic Discount November 26th to Dec 31st

  • Vista Prime – $500 USD off – Auto discount when checking out
  • 16-28mm T3 MKII $1,000 USD off – Auto discount when checking out
  • Vista 40mm T1.5 $1,000 USD off – Use Discount Code VISTA1000
  • Vista 65mm T1.5 $1000 USD off – Use Discount Code VISTA1000
  • 11-20mm T2.9 – $400 USD off – Use Discount Code BF1120

Atlas Lens Co.

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Orion Demo Stock

  • $750 off single Orion Series demo lenses
  • Buy 3 or more demo lenses, get an additional $250 off each lens (total of $1,000 off per demo stock lens)

Discounts are valid for Orion Series demo stock only excluding the new Orion Series and Silver Edition.

Discounts are applied at checkout for all qualifying orders while supplies last. All demo stock lenses have been inspected by our in-house lens technicians and come with the same 12-month limited warranty as all-new Atlas lenses.


Screenshot 2021 11 26 at 1 57 05 PM

Meike has quite a few deals on both its Cine and still lenses for black Friday.

Screenshot 2021 11 26 at 2 00 44 PM

These deals are available from November 22 to 30th.


Sigma has a lot of lenses on sale for Black Friday. Check out that list below.

Screen Shot 2021 11 12 at 16 10 16

These deals won’t be live until the 15th of November.

Wireless Systems


TDK Reseller FB TW 03

Below are some of Teradek’s deals:



Monitors & Recorders


Screenshot 2021 11 23 at 9 30 47 AM

The Atomos Ninja V+ is on sale for $999 USD through December 31st.

Screenshot 2021 11 23 at 9 33 27 AM

The Ninja V is $499 USD

Screenshot 2021 11 23 at 9 34 14 AM

The Atomos Connect 4K is $39 USD.


SHD Reseller FB TW 03

SmallHD has quite a few deals for Black Friday:



Screenshot 2021 11 19 at 9 15 38 AM

Zhiyun has some pretty big discounts on its gimbal range. These discounts can be found at B&H, Amazon, and Zhiyun’s own website.

Screenshot 2021 11 19 at 9 18 21 AM
Screenshot 2021 11 19 at 9 18 33 AM



Screenshot 2021 11 16 at 3 11 09 PM

Formatt-Hitech has quite a few deals on filters that are available on their website: Formatt-HitechUSA.com

Automatic Discount November 15th to November 29th

  • Most filters 20% off 
  • Specific discounts (not 20% off): 4×5.65 Cine Superslim – $175 USD each
  • 4×5.65 Firecrest Ultra IRND – $350 USD each
  • 4×4 Firecrest Ultra IRND – $200 USD each
  • 4×5.65 Diffusion (low con, black super mist, clear super mist, etc) – $150 USD each
  • 50% off our circular screw-in filters (all sizes from 37mm to 127mm) from 11/25 to 12/6.


An automatic discount of 20% will be applied to any item on the site RevarCine.com from November 25th to December 1st.


Screenshot 2021 11 23 at 9 01 56 AM

You can get 20% off Tiffen’s consumer filter range by using the code PRE20.



Screenshot 2021 11 29 at 2 53 48 PM

Luxli has a ton of lights on sale for Cyber Monday.


Aputure has several fixtures going on sale Friday the 26th including the LS 600d Pro

Screen Shot 2021 11 23 at 1 03 14 PM


Screen Shot 2021 11 25 at 20 56 01

This Black Friday Prolycht is offering a 3-for-2 offer on the Orion 300 FS LED full spectrum spotlight. From Friday, November 26, 2021 through Friday, December 3, 2021, simply buy two Orion 300 FS units from a participating dealer and you will receive a third for free.


Rotolight has the following deals available:


Hive has six fixtures on sale.

Screen Shot 2021 11 23 at 11 28 06 AM
  • Bumble Bee 25-Cx
  • Wasp 100-CX
  • Hornet 200-CX
  • Bee 50-C
  • Wasp 100-C
  • Hornet 200-C


Screenshot 2021 11 24 at 9 01 18 AM

Kinotehnik has 30% off all of its LCDVF Viewfinders, as well as Practilite 802 and Practilite 802 Kits. You can use the code “BLK30” at checkout.


Intellytech has a lot of deals now live from batteries, LightCloth, LED panels and the popular Fast Frames, and more!

Screen Shot 2021 11 22 at 5 55 38 PM


Screenshot 2021 11 23 at 8 56 10 AM

FILMGEAR has up to 70% off its Power LED & Daylight or Tungsten Flo-Box fixtures.

For a limited time, you can also get a free set of barndoors, soft box, eggcrate, and filter frames with a valid purchase of any Power LED, while supplies last. This is valid for the below lights:

Power LED 40 (Daylight or Tungsten)
Power LED 80 (Daylight or Tungsten)
Power LED 160 (Daylight or Tungsten)
Power LED 240 (Daylight, Tungsten, or Bi-Color)
Power LED 360 (Daylight, Tungsten, or Bi-Color

You can place an order by calling 323.780.8880 or emailing [email protected]


Screenshot 2021 11 25 at 8 33 35 AM

BB&S is offering free shipping within the USA on orders over $100 USD.

Screenshot 2021 11 25 at 8 35 27 AM

They are also offering 20% off all BB&S products up until the 30th of November.


Think Tank

Screenshot 2021 11 24 at 9 07 34 AM

Think Tank has up to 40% off some of its bags during Black Friday.

Above you can see some of the offers that are available. The offers are only available from Nov. 26 to 29th.



Screen Shot 2021 11 12 at 12 36 35 PM

Save up to 96% on iZotope’s best bundles of the year.
iZotope Holiday Bundle Gold Edition was $1,342 now $49
iZotope Holiday Bundle Platinum Edition was $1,899 now $99
iZotope Holiday Bundle Diamond Edition was $2,268 now $149

Camera Accessories


Screen Shot 2021 11 12 at 12 31 18 PM

Save up to 50% every week leading into Tilta’s annual Black Friday Sale. A lot of cages and hardware for several cameras.

All the items from previous weeks are back on sale.
Tilt just added 15% off the following items starting Nov 25th.

Above you can see the current deals that are on.

Here are some more deals that Tilta has just added:

Wooden Camera

WC Reseller FB TW 03

Below are some of Wooden Camera’s deals:

Above you can see all of the deals that are available.

Core SWX

Screen Shot 2021 11 15 at 8 08 47 AM

Core SWX Black Friday specials running from 11/16-11/30.

Bright Tangerine

BTBF21 its time 1

Bright Tangerine has announced starting today until Tuesday, November 30th at 9AM (GMT+1). Discounts and giveaways include the brand-new Misfit Kick 360, with filmmakers able to save over 20% on the new release.

Save 20% on Misfit Kick & Misfit Kick 360 matte box bundles.

Get a free Misfit Atom with any LeftField Expert Kit.

Save 20% on Drumstix Sterling Titanium 15mm Rods

Get a free carbon fiber top flag with the Misfit Atom & Misfit Atom Pola+ matte boxes

Get a free set of 18” Drumstix rods with LeftField Studio Bridgeplates


Screen Shot 2021 11 25 at 10 02 26 AM

Sprig’s Black Friday sale is on! Clean up that camera rig with 25% off now through Monday with coupon code BLACKFRIDAY

Apple Products

Apple MacBook Pro 14 16 inch 10182021

Some big savings on laptops, iPads, and Apple accessories.

Hear about a good deal? Let us know in the comments section and we will post it up.

B&H Deals

Screenshot 2021 11 15 at 4 57 51 PM





Hard Drives

Recording Media



Other Gear



Godox VL150 (B&H link)
US(Save $79.80)https://www.amazon.com/dp/B085G7QJV2
CA (12% off) https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B085QB53KW
Pergear (15% off) https://www.pergear.com/collections/lights/products/godox-vl150-200-300-led-video-light

Godox VL200 (B&H link)
US (Save $113.80 USD) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B085QBBDR7

Godox VL300 (B&H link)
US(Save $153.80 USD) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B087F4J1Q6

Godox SL150WII (B&H link)
US https://www.amazon.com/dp/B089D21219
CA (8% off) https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B089CLXV3B
Pergear (14% off) https://www.pergear.com/collections/godox/products/godox-sl200wii-sl150w-ii-led-video-light

Godox TL60 4-Light Kit (B&H link)
US https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08QS3X6Z3
CA (5% off) https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B08QS3X6Z3

Godox SL-60W (B&H link)
US (14%off) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07PHPF41H
CA (10% off) https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07PHPF41H
Pergear (14% off)https://www.pergear.com/collections/godox/products/godox-sl-60w

Godox RING72 Macro LED (B&H link)
CA (15% off) https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B098NPGRKN



Screenshot 2021 11 23 at 9 08 42 AM

FilmConvert is offering 40% off CineMatch for Black Friday.

Screenshot 2021 11 23 at 9 10 46 AM

Cinematch is available for FCP, Adobe Premiere, and DaVinci Resolve.


Hedge has some good deals available for Black Friday. Some of the key deals are:

Hedge app for only $99 USD
🔄 Renew your Hedge license for 2 years, for just $99 USD ($40 off)
🚀 The Full Monty, 6 apps for only $399 USD
💳 The Hedge Fund returns. Spend $499 USD , get $1000 USD in credit


Screenshot 2021 11 23 at 9 04 38 AM

Cinamker is offering 60% off its annual license for Director Multicam Studio.

To Take Advantage Of This Offer:

Go to Cinamaker.com/Plans and scroll down the “Director Studio” column and click the button, “Monthly $16.69 w/ Annual $199 Purchase”

Fill out the Checkout Form and select “Have a coupon? Click here to enter your code”

Enter Coupon Code: Black Friday 2021 upon checkout to receive your $80 discount. Once your payment is accepted, Cinamaker will immediately email your receipt and login instructions to unlock the full Cinamaker Director Multicam Studio features.


Screenshot 2021 11 23 at 9 19 11 AM

Motion VFX has a ton of plug-ins on sale for 30% off. You can use the discount code BLACK21 at checkout.


Screen Shot 2021 11 25 at 22 09 14

Now through till Monday, FilmicPro is offering:

  • 50% off FiLMiCPro
  • 50% off FiLMiCRemote
  • 67% off Film Look Packs


Screenshot 2021 11 23 at 9 15 11 AM

BorisFX has a 50% sale for Black Friday.

  • 50% off product bundles — new perpetual licenses (node-locked only).
  • 25% off everything else — includes the Boris FX Suite, new Bundle subscriptions & upgrades, individual products, units, and more (node-locked only).

Sale is limited to one new product purchase per customer. Monthly subscriptions are discounted for the first month only. Renews at list price.

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