Rolli– a searchable platform for media producers

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Rolli (rolliapp.com) is a searchable platform that lets media producers find the right expert for any story, quickly and easily. The aim of Rolli is to connect experts and organizations from a vast array of disciplines and showcase their expertise with journalists and content producers from across the globe.

Newsroom employment and budgets have drastically fallen in the last few years. Journalists are often forced to do more in the same amount of time and with less resources. This can sometimes lead to journalists booking the same experts over and over again, or relying on PR for experts. This means qualified experts and minority voices may not end up being heard.

Rolli was formed by a team of current and former news producers, editors and anchors. The Founder and President is Nick Toso, a former CNN executive producer.

Who can join?

You may be eligible to join Rolli if you meet the criteria described in any one of these categories:

Experts: You are recognized as an expert in your field and are available for media opportunities.

Content Producers: You are a news producer, digital editor, reporter, guest booker, documentary filmmaker, events organizer, or perform a similar role participating in the creation of media content or events.

Organizations: Your organization has a group of experts who are available to the media. You may be a Communications Director, Media Relations professional or perform a similar role managing your organization’s media relations, and speak on their behalf as a representative.

In order to maintain the quality of the platform, Rolli vets every member whether it’s a producer, expert or organization.

How does it work?

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Experts who want to be considered for opportunities to appear in various media formats create a profile on the Rolli platform. Content producers who are searching for guests can search those profiles by text, keywords, location, language, availability, and more.

When a content producer finds an expert who may be suitable for their needs, the two parties connect for a potential booking engagement. With Rolli, content producers gain access to an ever-growing list of experts and finally have access to an efficient booking process.

Experts benefit from instant exposure to producers of major outlets across a multitude of media formats. Organizations get tools to manage and promote their experts, plus they stay in the loop on bookings.

According to Rolli everyone’s privacy is respected, and nobody’s information is sold to advertisers or 3rd-parties.

Rolli is designed as a global platform and is not limited to a specific country or region. In fact, one of the benefits of Rolli is that content producers gain access to a wider, more diverse range of voices. And experts can be booked by producers from all over the globe if they choose.

Key Facts

  • Rolli has over 1,000 experts on its platform Rolli helps hundreds of journalists find experts Rolli costs $0 for journalists
  • Rolli approves accounts within 24 hours
  • Rolli has 0 booking fees
  • Rolli’s database is used 100’s of times/month Rolli adds 100’s of new users every month
  • Rolli’s founders and executives have cumulative over 50 years of experience in journalism, development and new tech

What does it cost?

Rolli uses a flat annual fee pricing model. Experts and Organizations pay a low annual fee to access the platform, while Producers can access Rolli for free (pending account approval). Experts pay $99 USD per year and organizations pay $499 USD per year.

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