SLR Magic 21mm T1.6 MicroPrime E-mount

SLR Magic has announced a 21mm T1.6 MicroPrime for Sony E-mount. With Sony’s full-frame FX line of digital cinema cameras being very popular it is no real surprise that SLR magic is looking to extend its MicroPrime series for E-mount.

Like all MicroPrimes lenses, the 21mm features full manual control, an 82mm thread front, an 85mm front diameter for clamp-on matte boxes, and 0.8 Mod gears. Almost all of the lenses in the MicroPrime series feature an identical form factor and weight.

In E-mount SLR magic sells the following MicroPrime Cine lenses:

Price & Availability

Screen Shot 2021 11 02 at 8 51 53

SLR Magic hasn’t provided a price for the 21mm T1.5, but I would imagine it will be priced at $599 USD like the 25mm T1.5.

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