Tilta cage & filter kit for DJI Action 2

Tilta Action 2 cage single

Tilta has introduced a new cage and filter options for the DJI Action 2. The cage options have multiple mounting points.

The cage comes in two forms—a single for the camera or a double-wide that houses the camera and LCD module. An interesting twist is the added Shock Absorbers on the corners that Tilta states will help with micro jitter. The other option is two cages for each module.

Tilta Action 2 cage lock

With the single cages, you can still combine them but now it will have locking clips to attach the camera and module to add an extra layer of protection.

Tilta USB C

On the bottom of the cage is a water-resistant external power adapter.

Magnetic Filters

When I reviewed the Action 2, I stated that ND filters would be coming, and here they are. The filters attach with a magnet.

They also have a set of ND filters with the strength of 64, 32, 16, and 8. A 360-degree rotatable Circular Polarizer filter is also coming.

Tilta VND Filter

Tilta has a set of two Variable ND filters. One is 2-5 stops, and the other is 6-9 stops.

Protective Filter

Tilta highspeed protection Filter

A protective filter is also in the works for times when you want to protect the lens from dirt and grim during filming in those types of conditions.

Tilta Action 2 cage 3

Pricing hasn’t been released yet as it is an announcement, not a release. To learn more, visit Tilta’s webiste.

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