Teradek Wave– a 5-in-1 Smart Streaming Monitor

The Teradek Wave has been designed as a 5-in-1 smart streaming solution. It is the only live streaming monitor that handles encoding, smart event creation, network bonding, multistreaming, and recording, all with the added benefit of having a 7” daylight-viewable touchscreen display.

Wave’s FlowOS features Smart Event Creator, a unique way to configure your setup ahead of time and save preferred settings for future streams, so your team can go live in just a single tap. You can avoid mid-stream drops by bonding several internet connections together and send your live streams to multiple destinations at once.


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Wave features a 7” touchscreen IPS LCD display with 1000nits of brightness Wave’s daylight-viewable monitor handles H.264 encoding, RTMP(S) streaming, and recording.

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The Wave weighs in at 680g (24oz).


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Wave isn’t a multi-input streaming solution. It only features a single HDMI Type-A input. I would have liked to have seen at least a single SDI input as well. The limited inputs mean that if you want to use multiple camera sources you would still need to hook it up to something like a Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini.

Wave supports the following input resolutions:

  • 1080p 23.98/24/25/29.97/30/50/59.94/60
  • 1080i 50/59.94/60
  • 720p 50/59.94/60

You also get an ethernet port, USB-C input, USB type A, 3.5mm headphone out, and a 2 Channel, adjustable level, Analog 3.5mm in.

As far as video processing goes. Below is what is supported:

Video Compression

  • H.264 (AVC), Baseline, Main Profiles

Supported Video Bitrate

  • 250 Kbps to 15 Mbps

Supported Output Resolutions

  • 1080p
  • 720p
  • 480p
  • 360p
  • 240p

Connecting & Streaming

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Wave uses network bonding that protects your live stream by splitting the video bitrate from multiple network connections, including Ethernet, USB modems, and cell phone hotspots. If one connection becomes unreliable, Wave load balances across your other connections.

For bonding, you can simultaneously use up to 8 network ports:

  • 2 x USB cellular modems
  • WiFi
  • ethernet
  • Up to 4 cellphones (iPhones or Android)
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If you combine Teradek’s Sharelink cloud service with Wave, you can boost your streams even further with two main features network bonding and multi-destination streaming. What you need to be clearly aware of is Sharelink is a paid subscription service and depending on how much streaming you are doing it can get expensive. Tewradek offers a 2-month free subscription with Wave.

If you are using the Teradek Wave to live stream an event and you have a WiFi connection with slow upload speeds, as well as two USB cellular modems plugged into your Wave unit. Your Wave and Sharelink account will work together to divide the encoded video data amongst the internet connections (the WiFi and two USB cellular modems) and re-assemble them in the cloud on Sharelink.

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By default, Teradek Wave will natively stream to your Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, Wowza, or Custom RTMP(S) destination. While a single destination stream is standard, it restricts your live stream to only broadcast to those who use the platform you select, this means you are potentially only reaching a portion of your viewers, and neglecting a larger audience.

When streaming to Sharelink with your Wave, Sharelink’s cloud servers can distribute the incoming video feed to as many destinations as you want.

Powering Wave

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Wave can be powered in two different ways. You can use either hot-swappable batteries or USB-C for wired power.

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Wave draws up to 12W (14W with optional internal modem). This figure does not include the power used by USB devices. This can be up to 3W per device.


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Wave mounts onto cameras with a ¼”-20 mount. Or set it flat on a table with adjustable leg stands. Take your live streams to new heights with the best device to get you there.

Price & Availability

The Teradek Wave is now available to pre-order for $1,190 USD.

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