AVIwest PRO460 5G 4K UHD & Multi-HD Encoder

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The PRO460 is the latest generation mobile video encoder and transmitter that has been designed for live video delivery of news, sports, concerts, etc. It allows operators to use multi-camera HD inputs or a single 4K UHD input to transmit live high-quality footage and audio.

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The PRO460 features a compact form factor and a UHD H.265/HEVC hardware encoder. This allows it to send premium video quality with optimized data usage and low end-to-end latency (down to 0.5 sec). The widely adopted H.264/AVC format is still supported for compliance with deployed infrastructures.

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With the PRO460 you can get perfect video synchronization and lip-sync across multiple cameras in the venue to guarantee seamless camera switching and efficient video editing in the remote production studio. It can also offers remote control of network-based devices such as PTZ cameras and tally lights.

The PRO460 supports low delay and high-quality video delivery from the studio to the field units. Also known as Video Return, this feature allows delivering teleprompting information or studio feed to the field. At least, bi-directional audio intercom is available for communication between the field and the studio.

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The PRO460 embeds 6 worldwide compliant 3G/4G/5G cellular modems with high-efficiency custom patented antennas. The transmission can also operate on other networks such as WiFi, BGAN satellite, Ka or Ku band satellite, IP leased line or simply the Internet. SST Technology (Safe Stream Transport) offers advanced techniques of networks aggregation, Adaptive packet Retransmission (ARQ) and Forward Error Correction (FEC) to reach the upper networks throughput and maximize the Quality of Services.

The PRO460 is available in a compact ruggedized enclosure, and it comes with a standard V-Mount or Gold-Mount plate for direct mounting on professional cameras. It also comes with a smartly designed backpack.

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