Tiffen Warm Diffusion Filters

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Tiffen has announced a new range of Warm Diffusion filters that have been designed to create different looks for a diverse array of skin complexions.

Tiffen Filter’s are claimed to provide a natural-looking diffusion while adding a warm overtone. Warm Diffusion filters create a soft warm glow and smooth out fine details in the skin while maintaining definition.

Warm Diffusion filters are crafted in the USA with Water White glass. To promote a long life, Tiffen filters are manufactured using the Colorcore Process that laminates the filter substrate between two pieces of optical glass, then grinds and polishes them to a precise tolerance of 1/10,000th of an inch flatness. 

Each filter comes in standard sizes (4×4, 6.6×6.6, 4×5.65, 138mm) with a choice of 1/8, ¼, ½, 1, or 2, densities. Special sizes and strengths including 3 and 4 are available upon request. 

The new Warm Diffusion filters come in three different versions:

Antique Satin

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The Antique Satin lineup smooths fine details like pores on the skin while maintaining overall sharpness, without reducing contrast. It prevents highlights from blowing out and shadows from losing detail or becoming overly cool and muddy looking. They also add an overall warm glow. These filters are ideal for dark complexions while adding life to pale skin.

Antique Pearlescent

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Antique Pearlescent filters offer the same unique skin-tone enhancements while creating a soft, pleasing atmospheric glow, along with a mild desaturation of colors and gentle creamy halation. This makes them optimum for period pieces or to create the look of a warm summer afternoon. Their range of grades can take the viewer from mild nostalgia to Monet-like impressionism. Along with warm skin-tone enhancement, 

Antique Black Pearlescents 

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Antique Black Pearlescents use a Black Pearlescent component to maintain deep blacks and richer light tones while preserving shadow detail, especially in the face. The result is claimed to create a beautiful romantic softness without excessive halation or loss of contrast.

Price & Availability

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Tiffen’s Warm Diffusion filters are scheduled to deliver in October 2021 with a list price of $335 USD for the 4×4, $540 USD for the 4×5.65, and $699 USD for the 6.6×6.6.

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