Teradek Spark 4K

Teradek has announced the Spark 4K. The Spark 4K is a wireless video system that transmits high-quality zero-delay 4K HDR video and audio to any desired HDMI destination over a distance of up to up to 500 feet / 152.5m.

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It has usually been the case that when using wireless transmission to send HDMI signals you end up sacrificing quality for convenience. With the Spark 4K, Teradek claims that you can display your content in 4K HDR without the fear of sound cuts, signal drops, or loose cables.

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Spark 4K consists of both a TX and an RX unit. The kit includes one Spark 4K transmitter and one Spark 4K receiver, and the transmitter can input up to 4K30 10-bit 4:2:2 HDR video via HDMI and transmit visually lossless video to up to two Spark 4K receivers with zero delay. The transmitter and receiver communicate using a powerful signal that can travel up to 500′ line of sight, and each unit features a bright OLED display to view the unit status.

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You can also buy separate TX and RX units.

Key features

  • Transmitter & Receiver Unit Set
  • Transmit Video up to 500′ Line of Sight
  • Supports up to 4K30 HDMI, 10-Bit 4:2:2
  • Transmitter Sends to up to 2 x Receivers
  • Operates on Free 5 GHz Band, Zero Delay
  • Portable Design, Internal Antennas
  • Controlled with Launchpad App
  • AES-128 Encryption, OLED Display
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Teradek states that the Spark 4K can send your 4K video from source to screen with no perceivable delay. All you need to do is connect the 4K wireless transmitter to your video source, and the receiver will have your content displaying in less than 1 millisecond.

There are 1/4″-20 and M3 mounting threads on each unit to mount the transmitter and receiver on a variety of cameras, cages, or rigs. The transmitter is powered using a separately available USB Type-C power source and the receiver can be powered by either a USB Type-C or DC barrel power source.

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The Spark 4K works on the 5GHz frequency, so it can operate with less sensitivity to line-of-sight obstructions than 60GHz systems. Using smart frequency hopping, Spark 4K automatically finds a clear channel even in crowded areas. You can monitor the signal status on Launchpad, Spark 4K’s mobile and desktop app. Launchpad also allows you to pair your transmitters and receivers on your phone or tablet.

Price & Availability

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The Teradek Spark 4K Transmitter/Receiver Set retails for $1,490 USD.

The Teradek Spark 4K Transmitter is $749 USD. The Teradek Spark 4K Receiver is $749 USD.

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