CAME-TV Power Station

Screen Shot 2021 09 25 at 10 14 53

The CAME-TV Power Station is a dual V-Mount battery charger and AC Inverter that has been designed as a one-stop-shop for charging a variety of devices.

The Power Station features a variety of output options, including dual D-Tap (14.4V, 10A), dual 12V (3A) barrel adapters, 4x USB-A, and a USB Type-C (5V, 2A) output. There are also two AC sockets that can take any AC power connector type in the world. This means you can use it to not only charge batteries but also to power lights, wireless video transmitters, monitors, etc.

On location, you could plug the Power Station into a mains outlet and charge your V-lock batteries as well as your laptop, phone, drone batteries, etc. What is interesting is that there is a small storage compartment at the bottom of the Power Charger. You could use this to keep charging cables, etc.

There isn’t any further additional information about the CAME-TV Power Station at this stage. It should be available in November, but we don’t have a price yet.

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