Luxli Composer App Update is now available

Screenshot 2021 09 21 at 10 35 39 AM

Luxli has released a new version of the Composer app that has some exciting new features. It is live on both the iTunes and Google Play store and you can download it below:

So let’s find out what is new.

XY Mode

Luxli has added a new XY mode to the Composer app. In both XY and RGB modes on your light, you can display the working color gamut.

If you are using multiple Luxli lights the app can automatically make sure that the color gamut is the same for all of the connected group lights.

Taiko HFR/High-Speed Mode

Screenshot 2021 09 21 at 10 31 07 AM

Besides the new XY feature on the app, the Taiko now has a new mode: HFR/High Speed. This mode turns the selected single LED (Cool White, Green, Red or Blue) to always be on. This mode is designed for ultra-high framerates.

Below are the firmware update links for the various Luxli lights:

Above you can watch a video of how to update the firmware on your Luxli fixture.

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